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“Some people come into your life as blessings.
Some come into your life as lessons.”

--Mother Theresa

To: All those people who have been a part of my life from childhood forward, relatives, friends, clients, colleagues, and professionals.

From: Robert Kantar, SCC (Sanctimonious, Cantankerous, Curmudgeon)

As Mark Twain might have mused, rumors of my expiration are greatly exaggerated. With a hint from Mother Teresa, I am invested in writing a book entitled “ Network ”. In articles, (Woodbury Report, www.strugglingteens.com ) you may, on occasion, read further thoughts and commentary.

Officially, January 1, 2014, my consulting practice will be closed. I have enjoyed a lengthy career as an educator beginning in 1963, as a Teacher at Masconomet Regional High School, Boxford, MA. My journey includes the office of admissions and freshman Dean at Brandeis University, Principal of Concord High School, Concord, NH, and Consultant for 39 years with my business, Educational Resources of NH as well as Head of School at the King George School, Sutton, VT. I have served in numerous other capacities on Boards, one of the founders of the Independent Educational Consulting Association, Consulting Projects, Project C.O.P.E, in Dorchester, MA, and other interesting stops in my journey. Most of all, I have experienced a rewarding career because of all those individuals, situations, and educational opportunities, which impacted upon me. Family, friends, teachers, clients, heroes of all types from every socio economic background in America and beyond. It is these relationships, which have formed my character, my value system, and my understanding of the world around me. For all this, as well as my wife, Nancy of almost 52 years, and my wonderful children, Jeff and Kendra, Lee and Danielle and their children, I am most grateful. I hope my future efforts will serve to acknowledge and validate a selection of the ideas and influence of these encounters. The word retirement is disturbing, so I will admit; I am always open to speaking engagements as well as school or teacher training opportunities. Of course, I can benefit from more time to read, pray in the Temple of Nature, enjoy my four beautiful grandchildren, and roam the waters in the pursuit of the largemouth bass. For me, and possibly for you, this is a moment to celebrate, to reflect, and remember our interactions, shared experiences, and meetings. I hope you will share them generously in letters or emails to me, rkantar@aol.com , and share my letter to those you think might want to hear it.

To those of you in need of an alternative to my service, I strongly recommend that you refer to my friend and wise counsel David Altshuler, from Miami, Florida. (We have no business ties, but there is a certain irony in the name of his business, Educational Resources). David Altshuler. ( www.DavidAltshuler.com ) is the author of a wonderful book, “Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World”. He is also a well- respected educational consultant, known for his high ethical standards, marvelous insights.

For those of you interested in celebrating the Bob Kantar experience, and are financially able, my greatest wish would be donations to the causes below. This is a difficult time in America for the homeless, the troubled, and those suffering illness. In many respects, they are America's unsung heroes, overcoming great odds and moving forward mirroring to each of us the need to be thankful for what they give back to us despite the odds and they have added measurably to our world. This will honor some of those who shared their lives with me and taught me to be a better human being, THANK YOU.

The Hansen Skow Trust will fund a miraculous young man, born with severe brain damage. He is in need of a service dog and an operation for his sight. Periodically, his devoted family gives me updates on his progress toward an associate college degree and pictures of him making his way up a mountainside or snowboarding in Colorado. (The dog has been located and will cost about $3000.00 dollars with training.) It is not an eligible tax deduction, but a targeted trust.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) serves the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with food, clothing, and advice so critical to their clients' needs.

Mary Wright Halo Foundation in honor of the parent of Todd Wright along with his wife Hilary dedicated to helping cancer patients in Orleans County, Vermont. These two young business entrepreneurs have a heart of gold and diligently work to fund their own foundation!

Two of these resources have provision for tax deductions and their resources are used directly for service with little or no administrative cost. Please, if you can, be generous and celebrate the lives of those less fortunate than we.

Checks can be made payable as follows:

  1. The Hansen Skow Trust 19 Hill Top Place, New London, NH 03257, Attention: Margaret Prew, Trustee.
  2. H.O.P.E., P.O. Box 403, Lyndon Center, VT 05850, Attention: Sam Klepper, Assistant Manager, Phone: (802) 626-3228, 101 Depot Street, Lyndonville, VT 05851, www.HopeVermont.com.
  3. Mary Wright Halo Foundation, An Emergency Fund for Orleans County Residents, 1071 Upper Quarry Rd., Newport, VT 05855, www.MEWHALOFOUNDATION.ORG , Attention: Todd or Hilary Wright.




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